Perfect recipe for beginners who love sea food. It’s easy to make, and has only few ingredients. The best word to describe this meal – delicious!!

*note: You can use as much of each ingredient as you like. Just don’t over do it with salt. Also, time measurements are approximate. Squid (calamari) can be chewy and it needs some time to cook through. Some types of rice cook faster than the other ones.


Olive oil


Squid (frozen or fresh)

White wine (optional)





Parmesan cheese (optional)


1.Defrost squid and rinse it. If you use fresh squid, extract the cartilage (the one and only “bone” in squid). Chop it into “hoops” and rinse it under cold water.
2. Mince your garlic (I used 4 large cloves, you can use more or less, whatever you prefer)
3. In a pot, put some olive oil and turn on the stove. When your oil heats put in garlic and stir. Reduce heat on your stove. Stir for about one minute or less. Garlic shouldn’t be brown.
4. Add in squid and stir it again. Put a tea spoon of salt. Stir.
5. After 5 minutes of cooking put in white wine. As much as you’d like. If you don’t have wine, put water instead and stir.
6. After another 5 minutes add in rice. If you want you can rinse your rice beforehand, if not- that’s also OK. Stir. If it seems to dry add some water in. Cover the pot and leave it to simmer in a low heat. Stir every few minutes and check if it needs liquid.
7. After 10 minutes add in parsley and little bit of black pepper. Stir.
8. After few minutes turn off your stove and leave lid on the pot for few minutes. That way rice will absorb the rest of the liquid.
9. Put on a plate and if you like, add some Parmesan on top.