30 till 30

Here are thirty life lessons I’ve learned along the way. Some of them are insightful, others not so much, and some of them I should’ve learned much earlier in life.

1. You cannot change people or situations. You can only deal with them best way you know how to.

2. I don’t really know anything. Everything I’ve ever learned (and am learning) in life are the information from my family and friends, people similar to me, with similar interests, backgrounds and stories. Everything we read on the internet- we’re scrolling down our own interests and what we know about the world is just a tiny fragment.

3. Nothing gives peace as God does. Work on your spirituality, patiently and continuously.

4. If somebody’s mean to you it’s about them and their issues. It’s never about you and you should never question your existence for their ways. (unless you had it coming for being mean towards them)

5. There is no finish line in life. Only in sports. Don’t try to compete because every one of us has our own timing for everything.

6. Giving gift gives you so much more joy than receiving one. (This one starts after you stop being adolescent.)

7. Idiots. Idiots everywhere. Wherever you are you may stumble on an idiotic behavior, just as all of us were idiots towards others at some point.

8. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself in a relationship. That’s the only way you’ll have a fair shot of seeing are you meant to be partners for life.

9. Forgive. Learn a lesson if someone mistreated you and forgive. You don’t have to be friends ever again but if you don’t forgive, hate and mean thoughts remain in you forever.

10. Apologize. It goes with no9. If you’ve messed things up, ask for forgiveness. Do know, your apologies may not be accepted. But don’t let that stop you to say you’re sorry.

30 things I've learned before turning 30

11. Stop caring what other people think.

12. Repetitio est mater studiorum. This one applies on every aspect in life. Your fitness routine, your studying, your patience. If you repeat something on regular basis, eventually you’ll get better and better at it.

13. Organized life is quality lived life. Not everything has to have its’ label, but having time and place for everything makes your everyday so much easier.

14. Don’t waste your time on people who are unimportant to you. Friend of a friend who’s brother had a friend who went in your kindergarten for six months 25 years ago isn’t a person you should know anything about. Other random peoples’ lives, stories, relationship statuses and lunch preferences are irrelevant to you.

15. You don’t have to look like everybody. Have your own style. Wear the clothes you like. You don’t have to have „instagram eyebrows“ and ten kilos of concealer if that’s not your thing.

16. People break promises. Including you.

17. Find your peace zone. A place that makes you calm. A song that puts a smile on your face and transfers you to another lifetime.

18. Everything changes all the time. I’ve shared my thoughts earlier on this topic. (This one goes with no5.)

19. Learn when to shut up. Sooner better than later. (this lesson is still a learning process for me)

20. You’ll regret the days you’ve fried yourself in the sun. #beachdays

peace zone

21. Sex, politics, religion and money are subjects not to be discussed among group of people. Nothing good or smart will come out of it and somebody will always get annoyed.

22. Family is everything. Even though as a teenager you can’t wait to be away from them, they are safe harbor, home, and everything in between.

23. Take everything you read online or in newspaper with a grain of salt. Sensation is known to sell more than information.

24. Don’t be afraid of the word normal. Normal is good. In this day and age, normal is more special than something „extra special“.

25. Be kind to everybody. Even to idiots form no7.

26. Children will enrich you. We may look them as crazy little people when they scream at a table next to ours, but children are so pure and innocent that you can learn only good things from them.

27. You do feel better when you pamper and spruce up yourself. Sometimes all you need to do is to put a little makeup and dress a bit fancier (read: clean clothes) to feel better.

28. Don’t buy things just because they’re cheap. If you don’t need unicorn themed duffle bag that’s 40% off, don’t buy it just because it’s on sale and you think you may use it sometimes in the future far, far away.

29. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have any plans for the weekend. Time alone at home on a Saturday night can be your most quality time spent. You can rest, catch up with your chores/favorite TV show, pamper yourself, basically do anything you usually don’t have time for. And you won’t get up with a hangover on Sunday.

30. It’s the best when you don’t fall into someone else’s’ patterns and ways. Being your individual self, doing exact things you love and be in peace with yourself is most simple and liberating thing you’ll ever do. When you do that, you’re free.


And those are 30 things I’ve learned before turning 30. How old are you? What is your biggest life lesson thus far? Which one of these you find most relatable?

Until next time,