Clinique All About The Eyes Rich

Today we’re reviewing Clinique all about eyes rich eye cream. Remember back in my first review (still don’t like this foundation!) I promised to write another Clinique product review? Well, this is the product I was thinking of.

Let’s start with some specifications. Clinique all about eyes rich is appropriate for all skin types and meant to hydrate your under eyes, reduce circles and remove puffiness. It comes in a small plastic jar with 15 ml (0.5 OZ) of product. Now, I didn’t buy this product because of my dark circles (thankfully I don’t have problem with this yet), but because I needed something to hydrate my under eye area. So I cannot really tell if it reduces dark circles, but as far as hydration and reducing puffiness goes, it absolutely does that.

The feeling of hydration and comfort it gives you is beyond good. I will go so far and say this probably belongs into category of my „holy grail“ beauty products (along with my beloved Nivea Body Milk). It gives you feeling of nourished skin and an extreme plus goes to the fact it doesn’t have ANY kind of scent and if won’t burn your eyes. I have extremely sensitive eyes and the fact it won’t make your eyes watery and/or burn just tells me about (what I can assume) quality ingredients. It has a price of $32.50 (€34.50) and in my opinion is worth every penny. A little goes a long way and you need just a tiny amount of product, so it will last you for quite some time.

Would I repurchase it? I did. Several times already. And I would repurchase it again. Although I am intrigued to try out some of „wrinkle reducing“ eye creams, I will play around with Clinique all about eyes rich cream some more. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone, weather you’re trying out eye cream for the first time, or you’ve tried everything and still haven’t found what you’re looking for (guess which song is this reference for? 🙂 ). This is an amazing product.

Until next time,