Basic skincare rules

As I’m getting close to my 30’s I started to notice fine lines on my face. Around my eyes in particular. Now, I don’t mind the lines. I know everybody has them and with time I’ll be having them more and more, just as everybody else.  I am absolutely OK with that.  But somehow I see them as a constant reminder to have some sort of skincare regime.  So, today I’m sharing with you my “rules” on how to set up skincare regime and where to start.

Now, I still am an absolute beginner in skincare. I try to learn what is good for me and what works for my skin. This may not work for you. It is about exploring and informing yourself. It is also a big step in self-care to make a decision to take care of your body, in any way. I know that I have a lot to learn yet and as I change and grow I will probably implement new rules, change and modify these ones. But I hope these little rules will inspire you to start your own skincare regime.

The rules I gave myself:

  1. NEVER EVER go to bed without removing your make up!
  2. You need separate product to remove your eye make up and rest-of-the-face make up. (Shout out to those who have extremely sensitive eyes!)
  3. Make up wipes only on occasion where you have no other choice!
  4. If you have to rub product hard, you’re doing something wrong.
  5. Do not eat food that is bad for your skin (or at least minimize it)! I needed to give up delicious McDonald’s super shake, because the amount of acne on my face the day after I consumed it was ridiculous. Notice what bothers your skin. Pay attention to how your skin behaves after certain meals.
  6. Put an under eye cream and moisturizer every morning. (EVERY MORNING!)
  7. Have a lip balm on hand all the time.
  8. If it’s cold outside use gloves and put hand cream when you enter your house (office, apartment, hotel, whatever)!
  9. SPF for sunny and not-so-sunny days! If you are outside-SPF!
  10. Never (NEVER!!!!!!) spend ten hours in the sun trying to catch fast tan! (Your “tan” will fade in two days but memories and regrets will burn forever!)

Until next time,