life lessons

There are some things in life you just know. It’s given. Some life lessons go by default even though no one has ever told them to you. And the truth is, some of those lessons you learn a little bit later in life then you wanted (red: needed) to. For me, one of the biggest life lessons (that of course, I just recently catch on) is that everything changes, and that happens all the time. There is no finish line at all. I mean, maybe in some chapters there’s an obvious „finish line“, but even in that case so called line is usually so blurry you’ll probably not going to notice it.

When we were kids we used to watch beautiful cartoons where trouble ended best way possible and we were left thinking: they lived happily ever after. And this is what I was thinking my whole life. Not that my life will be a cartoon, but that there’ll be a moment when everything falls in its’ own place. That glorious moment when I find out who am I, be in the best shape ever, when I find the perfect job, have a perfect family and a perfect home. While these moments will probably arrive at certain point, the thing is that they won’t come at the same time and when they arrive, there will be million others complications and wishes in between. Because everything changes all the time.  So if everything is OK right now, that doesn’t mean it’ll be tomorrow. Same goes if everything is terrible. You can be certain it will be better at some point.

Let’s say you met the love of your life. And let’s say you married them and had most beautiful wedding. Then what? Who knows what obstacles you’ll have to concur and how many times „ups and downs“ will occur? The truth is that everything in life constantly fluctuates.

And for the first time, I feel comfortable with that. It leaves me certain hope knowing better days are around the corner. It leaves me room to grow and to be at peace when bad times come. Embracing the fact that everything changes gives you certain serenity. So, carry on with your day, look forward to good times, laugh at bad ones because there are many more of exciting days upon us. I hope this lesson pulls a little weight out of your mind and heart.


Until next time,