Bobbi Brown Remedies No.86

I really don’t know where to start with this Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 86. Maybe the best thing would be to write what it is. According to their website it is a „skin moisture solution“, „intense rehydration compound“.  I’ll be honest here, with all modern words in beauty industry lately I find quite difficult to understand what product really is. Maybe (probably) it’s me but calling products compounds, perfectors and toppers doesn’t really mean anything to me. Are you a serum? Foundation? Lip gloss? Anyway, I’ll leave this discussion for some other time and say that Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 86 is some sort of hydrating serum.

Now, let’s start with basic information. It comes in transparent glass bottle with a dropper and 14 ml (.47 FL. OZ.) of product. I have to applaud Bobbi Brown for the packaging, it’s very aesthetically pleasing and box itself says for which use the product is, what it does and how to apply it. It also seems like the box is made of recycled materials, and if that’s true, that’s definitively a plus. Unfortunately, plus side ends here.

Bobbi Brown Remedies No.86 dropper

As a product that is meant for „severely parched, uncomfortable skin“  and a claim it’s an „intense rehydration compound“ I’ve had high expectations of what it does. I remember first time I used it I was left with question mark above my head.  It did absolutely nothing. It left me with same tightness as I washed my face with water and it absorbed within one second. I immediately wanted to toss it, but after paying it for 42,95€ (45$) I was about to use it up till the last drop. So, I’m applying this for over a month now, per instructions written on the box. Three drops every morning and night on clean skin.  Did it get better, you ask? NO! Not even a little bit. And I have normal skin, relatively dry in winter months. I can’t imagine someone with really dry skin using this product. (There are some positive reviews on their website, take this with a grain of salt, maybe problem is in my skin.) I like to think it works in deeper levels of skin and is a product that doesn’t offer immediate results, but with months of using. (Let’s hope so.)

Would I repurchase it? No. Never. I get that maybe it has quality ingredients and that with time my skin will look amazing, but for 45$ I expect some kind of results after seven weeks of using the product. Bobbi Brown Remedies No. 86 is a big pass for me and I find it’s definitively not worth it. I usually love Bobbi Brown products, especially their makeup, however even if this had price of two dollars I wouldn’t repurchase it. It did nothing for my skin.

Until next time,