Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

A while back Clarins came out with a new product, Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. I was on the fence for quite some time should I buy it. I was checking that product at least several times in stores, viewing some trustworthy YouTube videos on topic and reading reviews, before I decided to purchase it myself. With 26 USD for 0.1 oz. Nt. Wt. (21 EUR in the UK for 6.5ml) it’s pricey yet not essential beauty product, so I needed to do my research before I make a commitment. (To be 100% honest I would do my research even if it was 2 dollars, I believe it’s always good to be informed. )

The product itself has exact features claimed on Clarins website. It is non-sticky oil that gives your lips shine and feeling of comfort. It doesn’t have a lip balm feel, but more like lip gloss without the stickiness. (Yes, you can kiss your significant other wearing it, the feeling will be more greasy then sticky.) It has big applicator and you need to go over your lips only once to have all of it coated. Oil leaves your lips feeling soft and nourished indeed. Regarding the scent-it smells divine. Like honey, flowers and fruits all combined. It comes in seven shades (the one I’m using is in shade 01 Honey), but it’s actually transparent.

How I use it: After doing my standard morning routine I put a coat of Lip Comfort Oil. It sets my lips for the day. It really makes them nourished and a little bit plumped. Not in a tingly way, though. More like a „rich full lips“ feeling. I also use it before I start to put my makeup on. That gives it enough time to soak into the lips while I do my makeup and make them soft if I decide to put some sort of lipstick over it.

Yes or no: If you have extra money to spend, absolutely yes. Although it is quite small – 0.1 oz. Net. Wt. (6.5 ml), it will probably last you for quite some time, due to the fact you need to use just a little bit of product. And it really does what it supposed to do. However, this is luxury product. (At least for my standards.) You can live without it for sure. Also, this Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil would make an amazing present for Christmas for any woman who is into beauty and skincare. Imagine it in your stocking with some chocolate. It is very useful, especially now, during the colder, winter months.

Until next time,