Clinique Beyond Perfecting Doundation Review


I wasn’t (still aren’t) sure should I write a review on this Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, because my experience isn’t quite as everyone else’s. But I decided to write it anyway. Just in case, if somebody is interested to learn about this foundation from another „not so impressed“ perspective.

First of all, I want to say I am quite a fan of Clinique products. (There will be a post about their eye cream somewhere in the future. ) This foundation is on the market for a while now and everybody is praising it for a long time. I remember I went to purchase it a while ago, but the sales lady made me buy another foundation, so I just recently jumped on that bandwagon. That’s how long I read and hear glorious reviews on this foundation.

Now, I wanted a foundation for a fuller coverage, for special events, parties, something you wear when you want that extra coverage and extra make up. (Note: I don’t wear a full face of make up on daily basis). And this was perfect, as their website claims, so as everyone else. That it is full coverage foundation, matte finish and you don’t need even concealer because it is two in one, foundation and concealer.

I will mention packaging, if anybody is interested to know, it is in a glass bottle with doe foot (sponge) applicator. It is easy to use it and you don’t leave a mess while using it, which is a plus.

In my experience the foundation is truly full coverage with a matte finish. And with relatively thick formula that means you can see you have a foundation on, especially during day light. As I purchased it for parties (a moment to laugh at myself, like I’m attending any party) and going out at night, that really didn’t bothered me. However, if you are a low key with make up (as I am) and you like the natural look this definitely isn’t for you. The concealer „part“ is true, but this is full coverage, so any full coverage foundation can have that claim. I still used my MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette on my under eye area to cover redness and dark circles.

One of the claims on Clinique website is that foundation is moisturizing and easy to blend. With all due respect to Clinique, that is just not true. At least, for me. I don’t know is it a dry weather outside or my skin itself, which goes between extra dry, normal and extra oily (depends on the season), but I cannot put this foundation on without primer/moisturizing cream/oil. It feels so cakey and dry and as I stated earlier, you definitely feel and see foundation on your face. I also had a hard time to blend it. With a brush or beauty blender, I needed to put quite the amount of the product to be able to easily blend.

To sum up my review (or shall I say: rant), this foundation is a full coverage and will give you perfect look. I wouldn’t go as far and said „beyond perfect“, but it will last you whole day (night in my case) and your skin will look really good in photos. But in a reality, you can see you have foundation on. And if you want that „beyond perfect“ look, you will still need to use your concealers, brighteners, powders etc. With 27 USD (30 EUR) it is in medium range price-wise. (But not for my current standards, I find 30 EUR a lot of money).

And for the end, would I repurchase it? To said it with all honesty – no. For me it still is too much money for an average and it requires too much effort to put it on.  However, if they ever change formula I would purchase it again, because concept is good and curiosity in me would make me buy it again. And in the end, I still remain hunting for that „beyond perfect“  foundation.


Until next time,