Collistar Anti Age Talasso Scrub Review

New year and what better time for pampering yourself up? If you got some extra cash as a Christmas present, here is an idea where to spend it. I’ve had three Collistar scrubs over the past decade. First one was borrowed (stolen) from my sister, who purchased it at the time to help her with severe back acne, second one was bought by me as a present for getting my degree and the third one was bought last autumn to cheer myself up after weird ending of a summer. And that Collistar Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub is the last one purchased and the one I’m writing about.

Full name of the product: Collistar Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub

What is it: Body Scrub (Exfoliator)

Amount: 700 grams (300 grams available online)

Price: €52.69 ($60.04)

Review: Body exfoliator that lasts you for a while. Salt and essential oils leave you’re skin feeling fresh and renewed. Not irritating, nourishing, with a mild scent. As far as the scent goes, the second one I bought, few years back, Collistar Anti-Water Talasso-Scrub had the best scent ever. But that one depends on what you prefer. With the product you get a stirring tool to mix the product which is nice because oils tend to rise above the salt, so it’s handy and easy to clean. Using the product, you won’t need to use the moisturizer afterwards, your skin will feel (and look!) great. I use it every once in a while to pamper myself, but it can be used once or twice a time per week. (That is, if you have the time.) As far as the „anti-aging“ claim, I cannot confirm nor deny does it work, but it does leave your skin smooth, if that helps.

Is it worth the money: Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Collistar Anti Age Scrub

If you tried this one please leave a comment below, if not-I recommend buying it before spring arrives. Having nourished skin is an all year round task and why not start now? It is a bit of splurge but for the amount you get, it’s a nice treat and you will use it up for sure.


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