Boy, this was a long summer indeed. It passed in a blink of an eye and it felt like it had neither beginning nor end at a same time.

There were few things I’ve learned along the way. Like, vacationing with children isn’t vacation at all. I didn’t believe it till I had an opportunity to go to the coast with my niece.  And my cousin’s children. I’ve also realized that fruit can taste delicious actually. Usually I’m not a fan, but I tried kinds that I’m not drawn to (at all). #kiwi #figs

One of the conclusions of this summer was that if things don’t turned out as planned, nobody cares. Carry on. Don’t dwell on it till eternity.

As every year, I felt some sort of excitement in the end of August.  Summer is ending, fall is approaching. With each season changing, I feel like new beginnings are arriving.

I spent many days on Dalmatian coast this summer. I had an opportunity to prolong my vacation and am beyond grateful for that. It was much needed for some reason. Below I’m sharing with you couple of photos that marked my summer. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,