Every year, 40 days before Easter (Sundays excluded) is a period called Lent. It’s a time when Christians prepare for Easter by praying, fasting and giving up on certain things. I usually give up on something random, such as food, but still something that will be hard enough to be without to „suffer“ a little bit. (You should’ve seen me not knowing what to do with myself when I gave up Internet for 46 days one year – Drama Queen Inc.)

And while I had plan to do the same (not giving up on Internet though) this year, couple days ago I stumbled across the article that said we are not making sacrifice for God, because that’s not what He’s asking of us, but we’re taking this period as an exercise where we’re deciding to restrict ourselves. It’s our choice not to have another drink, or another donut (even though we want to).

So this year, instead of my classic: „I’m not eating candy anymore“ I’ deciding to be moderate in everything. From overstuffing with snacks to not saying everything that comes to my mind (sometimes all of us just need to shut up, yours truly included). I will take this time to practice my own self-control.  Take this as New Year’s resolutions 2.0. (Is it 3.0 by now??) Even if you aren’t religious, you can take this time to try again with resolutions you might have given up from. It’s still beginning of the year, so why not?

Anyhow, even though my „giving up“ isn’t extremely deep, I’m still doing this with pure heart and it’s never a bad idea to improve yourself and taking over control on your actions. Are you familiar with Lent? Are you giving up on something?

Until next time,