Christmas Ornament DIY Hanging

December is always a good time for DIY projects (even though it’s the season when we have least free time on our hands). As I already updated all the Advent wreaths that crossed my path, I decided for another last minute DIY. Christmas ornaments made of pinecone are so simple to make. They are useful, one of a kind and make perfect present. I know we live in times where quite often we overdo it with presents. Therefore, I’m aware how special and sentimental handmade present is. You’ll (as do I) appreciate it much more.  Read below how you can make your own ornament.

Christmas Ornament DIY Supplies

Supplies you’ll need:

Hot glue gun

Several pine cones

Satin sash





First of, use a satin sash to make a bow. There are a million different ways you can do so on Pinterest (While we’re at it, Pinterest is your best friend with any kind of DIY project).

Christmas Ornament DIY Bow

Then you’re going to paint your pinecone. Start off with the bottom (top??) of a pinecone.  Turn it upside down, the way it’s naturally on a tree. Apply golden paint on tips of scales. Each individually. And parallel, paint it from the inside, if you like.

Christmas Ornament DIY Scales

Christmas Ornament DIY Inside

After you’re done, leave it to dry for 20-30 minutes. In that time figure out how will you install twine on your pinecone.

Christmas Ornament DIY Scales 2

My ones had the stem, so it was easy to wrap twine around it, if you don’t have that luxury, you’ll have to glue twine on the pinecone. After applying twine, glue the bow over the twine, so it can hide all imperfections and make sure that nothing moves. After that, hang it from the tree or wherever you like. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Ornament DIY Pinecone

Until next time,