This year, while I was on my summer vacation I’ve used up my daily moisturizer and was in urgent need of another one, so I decided to try out something new. Not an average moisturizer, if you will. As I was in a very small town, the only place I could buy any kind of beauty product was at a local pharmacy store. And with not-so-careful consideration (I’ve had five minutes to decide), decision has fallen on Lierac Paris Mésolift Cream.

What sold me on this was the claim that this cream reduces signs of fatigue. Now, I don’t believe in miracle creams. I’m old enough to know that claims and promises given by the cosmetic (and other!) companies should be taken with a grain of salt. (However, I do believe we all should follow some skincare rules!)But as my skin felt grey (not literally, but you know the feeling ) and boring recently, Lierac’s claim intrigued me.

When I opened it for the first time, first thing I noticed was horrible smell. I’ll tell you, to me, this cream smelled bad. I’m aware that it’s very subjective information, but still. Due to the fact that cream cost me about 55USD (47EUR), not using it wasn’t really an option. So I just had to go along with the smell. Good news is the moment you apply it, the smell is gone. Now, the Lierac Paris Mésolift Cream has creamy texture and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave you that tightening feeling afterwards.  I use it mostly in the morning and it gives me comfort throughout the day. One of the website claims is that this cream gives you „luminous, unified and fresh appearance”.  While that is true, you will need at least five weeks to see results. I remember in first weeks of using it, I thought: whatever, didn’t really expect much, but the more time passes by, the more I like this cream. My skin doesn’t feel “tired” anymore nor does it feel “grey”. It seemed like life is brought back into my skin, if that makes sense.

Would I repurchase it? Without a doubt, yes. Even though this is an expensive product, I believe Lierac Paris Mésolift Cream is excellent value for money. It’s a high quality product and it does what it claims to do. I feel this seems a lot to ask lately, when markets of beauty industry are so competitive and often companies try to sell us anything for a lot of money. And another plus I would like to mention, it’s not the first time I encountered with Lierac products. I’ve used some of their products before and love them. In any case, if you find yourself in a need of a good moisturizer which will make your skin radiant and you’re willing to invest in a proper product, do try Lierac Paris Mésolift Cream.