Ever since Easter I cannot seem to bounce back to my regular self and my routines. (Still enforcing my Morning Beauty Routine, aka The Only Routine I Have Right Now.) I just can’t to incorporate my working schedule as well as my working out schedule, staying in contact with all of my friends, have well balanced diet and do everything in between. For the past two months I’ve traveled twice (you can read about my Barcelona trip here), attended more than I can count birthdays, had several unplanned responsibilities and I have to admit I lost myself in all that. I feel like my everyday is like a knotted ball of yarn, an absolute mess if you will.

Do you ever feel like that? Like you’re just falling behind with everything? Well, even though my stress levels are off the roof and I feel like dying half of the time, I’m not letting this random phase keep me down. I am posting little less often lately. And I don’t keep up with all of my friends and family. Instagram hasn’t seen me in a while. But, it’s all fine. All of it will come to its’ own soon. Life is like that. All I need is to keep my head above the water for a while and don’t let the feeling of โ€žwhy I cannot function like everyone elseโ€œ keep me down. I am me. Not anybody else. And sometimes I’m unproductive, slower, chubbier and unhappier. However it’s all another random phase that will past through. (Remember my Biggest Life Lessons post?)

Anyhow, stay tuned for more beauty (and non-beauty) posts. Even though they aren’t equally frequent always.

Budapest Gerbaud

Budapest Bridge

Budapest Detail

Budapest Market

Until next time,


P.S. These are photos from my weekend in Budapest.