This spring I had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Even though I’ve been there for only three days, I’m sharing with you this small guide where to eat and what to do. Please know I could write a billion more words about this beautiful city, but with the short trip comes short guide. Hope you find this useful if you are traveling or even if you’re just discovering Amsterdam via internet.

What to do:  Walk. Walk everywhere you can. Everything is well connected and you can explore wider city center on foot. Take a stroll from Amsterdam Central Station to the Dam Square, city’s main square. Then enter Kalverstraat, street known as shopping hot spot. After doing some shopping, you’ll pass by Bloemenmarkt, floating flower marker, located on Singel canal. If you have time, visit one of museums in Museum Quarter and make sure to take a boat tour through the canals. I highly recommend going with Friendship Amsterdam, open boat tour, which has staff so lovely and full of information (historic, random, fun facts and urban legends). Oh, did I mention you can have drink on board? (Gin Tonic for me, please!) In a case of colder days they provide you blankets to warm you up. If you visit the city during springtime, do try to find time to make trip to Keukenhof.  Keukenhof Gardens have different theme every year with over 7 million (yes, million!) flower bulbs planted. And they’re all carefully planted to fit the theme.

Where to eat and drink: Except the standard Frans Haringhandel (raw fish), Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx (french fries) and FEBO (fast food vending machines) you’ve probably already read about, I would suggest some extra places to visit. Have a brunch, lunch, breakfast or whatever at Greenwoods. I went in the one located on Keizersgracht and I don’t know what I loved more there: food or staff! At some point go and find infamous Mossel&Gin, and please try everything. Mussels and gin. Not necessarily in that order. One of the best GT’s I’ve ever had. Next we have, Eatmosfera Ristorante. If you enjoy Italian food (have you ever met a person that doesn’t?) or you’re in a mixed crowd and you can’t decide what to eat-go there. Pizza, pasta and wine. Everyone will love it. I would also highly recommend Van Speyk and Lucius Seafood if you are in the mood (or budget) for a bit fancier dinner. A great spot for drink is Tales and Spirits, bar that offers not-your-standard cocktails. Be aware to dress up a little bit, as they have house rules for dress code and appropriate behavior.

Things to know: First off, everybody speaks English. But two basic words for you to be able to orient yourself are gracht and straat. Gracht means canal. Straat means street. Even though when you hear the word Amsterdam, you immediately think drugs and ladies of the night, Amsterdam is very safe city. Above average safe. Everything is well organized and people know what the rules are and they respect them. You will want to come back to Amsterdam. It’s the magic of the city. If you are most conservative person or the most liberal, you will have most amazing time there. Even though this seems impossible, in Amsterdam, everything goes.


Until next time,