old school tutorials

Today I’m sharing with you, heart to heart, my thoughts and feelings about progress that has been made in sphere of blogging/youtubeing/interneting. Let me start with saying that I’m very nostalgic person. I was always like that and I often find myself thinking about old ways and „simpler“ times. So take everything you read here with a grain of salt, because my perspective isn’t maybe 100% right perspective.

I’ve been following different blogs and YouTube channels for a long time. When beauty community on YouTube was in two digit numbers. Well, there’s a little bit of over exaggeration here but  pursebuzz.com was a place to be if you wanted to learn about makeup, and Lauren Luke (Panacea81) and Koren (EnKoreMakeUp ) where the biggest and most important beauty gurus on YouTube. Fashion blogging was about the style and clothes not about trying to be „extra special“.

Long time has passed since then. And as everything changes with time, internet has changed. Some for better, some for worse. While I wouldn’t like to pick a side, I definitively noticed some things and miss others. One big improvement that has been made is quality of photos/videos. Now I really don’t care if something was made in 4K, but I like to see a video that isn’t grainy. Another improvement would be precise information people provide you. From brand and style of a dress to where to purchase it and at what price. I like that. Being informed is always good thing.

For the thing that bothers me (not necessarily negative for everyone, but for me are depressing) are the obsession with perfection. Everything has to be perfect. The lightning, sound, hair, makeup, outfit, filters, dog in the background. Have you noticed that more than often you cannot be inspired by photos you see on Pinterest because they are too ridiculous to even look at? Don’t get me wrong, they are still beautiful photos, with „perfect“ sunsets and colors, locations and people, but still unreal. I mean, who walks in Rome with highest heels on and gigantic bouquet of hydrangeas in their hand? I doubt Roman women do. I also doubt that we,tourists, do as well. I mean, when I visit another city I wear backpack, comfortable shoes (read: sneakers preferably with orthopedic insoles) and I see other people wearing that kind of outfit too.  And then I see these beautiful people bloggers and vloggers who are just trying too hard. And I don’t get it. WHY?? (Also, almost nobody eats like those people from What I Eat In A Day videos, but we’ll get to that some other time.)

Another change that has been made and makes me miss old school tutorials is lightning. Nowadays everybody has good lights to brighten them and make their makeup look more flawless. And then it comes to the fact that I cannot see difference in lavender color and beige. They look white to me and I spend more than few minutes thinking: is that my screen broken or what? I also miss the super close-up of an eye of a beauty guru. That 7 minute long part of the video where self-thought makeup artist puts eyeliner, messes up, then trying to correct and cover their mistake.

To be honest, I could go on and on about this subject. I haven’t even touched the fact that everybody looks the same (eyebrows, lashes, contour, highlight). We all follow trends and we all want to be prettiest versions of ourselves, but where is the line between inspiration and influence and being ridiculous? To conclude this little thought, I miss old ways. I miss the honesty and spontaneity. Most of all, I miss flaws. Flaws that I have and flaws that I can relate to. Flaws that make me feel like that is ok, I’m not the only weirdo.  Are you feeling the same way? Am I wrong? What is the thing you miss the most about old school internet? Please, write to me in the comments.

Until next time,