nail colors for winter

There are few nail colors I like to wear in winter time. Even though, they could work all year long, richness of reds and gold makes this colors ideal for holiday season. Even though my nails haven’t been „polished“ much lately, these are my favorites for years. If you need an idea for nail color, this will be perfect choice for Christmas and New Year’s.

  1. Max Factor Glossfinity in color 110 Red Passion

This nail polish is the one and only when it comes to classic red. Not only for its vibrant, yet sophisticated colors, but also because this one won’t dry out in the bottle. I had previous bottle for years (literally since high school) and it is well worth the price.

2. Essence Colour&Go in color 140 go bold!

Ever since Essence turned their nail colors in to nail gels they discontinued some of my favorite colors but made alternatives. Due to the fact this isn’t available anymore, I’d recommend Max Factor’s Glossfinity (yes, same one from above) in color Midnight Bronze. They seem quite similar and I’m checking it out first occasion I get.

3. Essence Colour&Go in color 121 gold fever (similar 112 flamingold)

Similar to Essence go bold, yet glittery. And you can’t have enough glitter during the holidays. They might be troubled to remove, but man do they look pretty! Any kind of gold or silver glitter is a must have for winter.

4. Dior Vernis in color 413 Grège (similar 428 Sienna)

Dior Grège is color meant for all age groups, all occasions and all year round. I’ve mentioned it in my Nail Colors For Spring post, and I’m mentioning it again because it just that good. Classic and elegant. Perfect present for your daughter, grandma and best friend.

5. Dior Vernis in color 970 Nuit 1947

Oh, yeah. This one is „sexy“ color in my opinion. The best color if you’re into deeper reds. As any other darker nail color, without top coat it’ll chip the next day, but it doesn’t matter because it’s beautiful.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my winter edition nail polish recommendations. These types of colors will go with any outfit in holiday season, even if they aren’t from the same brand. They would make a lovely present for any woman in your life. Please tell me about your favorites in the comments. What is your ultimate nail color for winter season?


Until next time,