2018 resolutions road

Happy New Year 2018 to anyone who’s reading this! I wish you all abundance of health, love, happiness and spectacular moments (and a little cash on the side to help you go through some things a little bit smoother)!

If you follow my blog you already know I started to resuming 2017 in October (if you fancy, you can read about that in Fall In Full Swing post). But for the past week I’ve intensely thought about what I want from 2018. What my resolutions, decisions, wishes and goals are.

Have you noticed that lately there is a huge trend of not making New Year’s resolutions? Like it’s not popular anymore to ring in the New Year with expectations, plans and aspirations. And each to their own, maybe some people do not need or want that „new beginning“. Nonetheless, I think it’s a good thing to plan out a new year. Even if we (almost certainly) fail, the fact itself that we’re thinking about improving ourselves and trying to make better decisions already has its worth. Here are my resolutions for 2018:


I feel like I’m already relatively kind person but one can always be more kind. As for understanding goes, with all honesty, sometimes I find myself looking at things only from my point of view. In 2018 I plan to put myself into someone else’s shoes before I make any kind of judgment.


My faith has given me a lot of peace and strength in my life and I loved the comfort it gave me as I started to get more into it for the past year. I wish to nourish it more in 2018, as I wish to read more and educate myself not only about my religion, but also about other religions too.


By this I don’t mean to starve myself. (I have to say this because people tend to freak out when they hear the word diet.) The amount of junk food and the messy way of eating really took its toll on me in 2017. I had several minor health issues and I believe that with more organized and nutritious meals all of that would disappear. Plus, we all feel more positive and happier when we don’t eat bag of chips every day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to give up on my beloved snacks anytime soon, but eating it every day is childish and truly unhealthy.


The fact is, when I work out, I feel better. Yet, often I find myself falling off the wagon (read: being lazy). This year I’ll try to be more active during the whole year. I want feel better in my own skin as I want better health. I always imagine myself like an active, fit person, when in reality I’m not. In 2018, hopefully, I’ll break my patterns.


For the past couple of years, my official uniform is leggings (thank God they were in style), oversized tunic, no make-up and hair in a ponytail. This combination may be comfortable like no other, still it’s not very ladylike to just roll out of the bed and carry on with your day. And when hair, makeup and outfits are in question, I really do want to be polished lady. Because, I truly enjoy those things. A very dear friend of mine told me few weeks ago: „I’m always put together. Even when I’m home, I have a bit of foundation on and am dressed up a little bit.“ And this is what I plan to do more in 2018. I know some of you will find this as a non-relevant and shallow matter, but feeling good about ourselves (from inside and outside) is a standard that everyone should have.


That means all the five resolutions from above plus everything else that’ll make me a more quality person. Like: read more, spend more time in nature, separate myself from toxic and negative people, be more open towards new challenges, stop being afraid of ridiculous things (saying the wrong thing or posting photo of me), devote myself to work and Fishing On Clouds more.


There are probably a thousand more resolutions (and wishes) I could write, but for now let’s move forward to better versions of ourselves. And even if we fail or give up, there is a new year just twelve months away. Just thinking about improvements we can make and mistakes we wish to correct, it’s already a huge step.

Happy New Year my friends! Be safe and happy throughout the whole year, wherever you are!

Until next time,