Sometimes I become uninspired with the music played nowadays. Not that it’s bad quality but a lot’s of music played on the radio nowadays don’t leave you with that certain feeling. You now that feeling some songs give you? When they take you away in some place from your dreams (read: past) and they make you feel like you did when you were a whole lot younger? Because I miss that feeling sometimes, I’ve came up to this random and quite eclectic playlist. The songs below for some reason sing to me November. Raindrops on windows, cold air, wet leaves on the ground. I hope one of these songs draw out that certain feeling in you, a good memory, or maybe they inspire you to listen some musicians you haven’t heard in a long time. Either way, enjoy good music every day and, if you like, write to me in the comments which song sings “November” to you.

  1. Tuesday’s gone- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  2. Child in time- Deep Purple
  3. This year’s love- David Grey
  4. I really want you- James Blunt
  5. Budapest- George Ezra
  6. Somebody to love- Queen
  7. Red shoes- Kelly Family
  8. It’s all coming back to me now- Céline Dion
  9. I’ve got you under my skin- Frank Sinatra
  10. A Sunday kind of love- Etta James


Until next time,