Productive sick days

Have you ever wonder what to do with yourself when you’re sick? Not those first days when there’s nothing you can do except drink tea, blow your nose and lay down, but the days you get better, yet you’re still not at your 100%.  For the past two weeks I was on a bed rest with flu. I don’t think I was ever out of it as I was for the past few weeks. Usually, whenever I catch a cold it lasts for three days and I’m good. This time around, I was left in shock as „the sickness“ didn’t went away after couple days.

(Note: Nothing makes you grateful for your normal everyday as being sick does!)

Then, past Sunday, I started to feel a little bit better and my mind went into panic mode thinking: „Am I wasting time? This year didn’t supposed to start like that! January didn’t supposed to be like this!“ With any cold or flu they tell you to rest. And this is exactly what to do until your mind (and body!) starts to feel better. Everything else is on hold. That doesn’t mean you’re wasting time, it means you’re rebooting.

But what does one do with themselves at the other half of being sick? When you do start to feel better, but still on a bed rest? Here are some of my ideas.

  1. Make a digital detox

Even though we all do the contrary of that, making phone our best friend, this is that perfect moment to do a little digital detox. Remove yourself form the screen.  It will be easier not to answer messages and e-mails  because people will be more „understanding“ knowing you have other worries now. And in reality, you probably won’t miss anything. If something important happens, someone will call you, not text you. (By the way, it took me full week, countless whatsapp messages and two seasons of Friends to come to this conclusion)

  1. Start reading a book

That New year’s decision we’re all waiting perfect time to do. Open a book. Any book. (The one on your night stand which plan to read for several years now.) Read a page and see how you feel. I’ll tell you right now-you’ll be amazed with the rest your eyes are feeling not staring at a screen.

  1. Open a notebook

…and write all the things you are grateful for. Also write plan for time when you get better. Write a „to do“ list. This is an ideal opportunity to start organizing your life. Plan out your meals, workouts, family events, budgets and anything that comes to your mind. That way it will be much easier to roll back to your everyday.

  1. Do a mini clean

When your strength gets back it’ll be wise to clean out all of those little things that have been bothering you for months. (Not a full on spring cleaning though!) Pull out a drawer with useless items, sit next to a trash can and one by one item-clean it out. For me, I used this time to clean my make-up brushes. As for many women out there, it is one of the most annoying, boring and time consuming beauty related things to do. But I washed every day few of them and by the time I got back on my feet they were ready for use!


Hopefully this gives you a little inspiration what to do with your time if you’re sick. Write to me in the comments any advices you have on this subject. I’d love to hear them.

Get well soon and until next time,