advent wreath after_

This year instead of making new Advent wreath, I decided to update old one. For myself and several family members. You see, for the past several years I wasn’t purchasing an Advent wreath but, instead, I’m making one myself. My “Advent wreath DIY„ journey started because I found that prices of wreaths are way up high and they didn’t look as beautiful as I would like to (especially for that prices). And I was too creative and full of ideas to settle for less. And that’s how I’ve decided to make one by myself. If you feel the same, hope this gives you a little inspiration.

christmas decorations

Utensils you’ll be needing:

Glue gun

Decorations (fake branches, berries, jingle bells, pine cones, ornaments or anything similar)

Old newspaper

Four candles in color per choice

advent wreath before


advent wreath after


How to update your advent wreath?

  1. Layer old newspaper on your desk, underneath a wreath so the glue doesn’t stick to desk, and it’s much easier to clean this way.
  2. Remove last years’ candles and place new ones instead.
  3. Find places in your wreath that seem empty and glue berries and branches where needed. Even if there isn’t much free space, insert decorations anyways. That way, your advent wreath will look fuller.


advent wreath 2 before


advent wreath 2 after


And that’s it. Simple as that. I would also recommend using old decorations you have around, the ones you plan to throw out for several years now. Put some glitter on them and they will be brand new. Use pine cones you brought from your summer trip. That way you’ll save some money and be more eco-friendly at the same time. Also, a little note, I find color red, gold, and green remind me most of Christmas and Advent period so, any decoration in that color will look extra holidayish (I know that’s not a word, but you understand).

Anyhow, there is still little time if you plan to update your Advent wreath and I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration.

Until next time,