the day the music died

If you google the day the music died it will lead you to February 3rd 1959, date when musicians Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and J.P. Richardson tragically died in plane crash. While this tragic moment is not to be forgotten, I found that day the music died was couple weeks ago. At least for me.

Few weeks ago I was on my computer playing some of my favorite songs (you’ve read my playlists, right?) and amongst them there was a song form The Beatles called Don’t let me down. This song is such a classic, with melody and lyrics that made it iconic since it was first time played.

(Side note: I’m not a music nor The Beatles expert, but I am a lover of good tunes. And when I hear a good song, it just carries me away.)

And as I was entering name of the song in to YouTube search bar I stumbled upon the shock of the day, this timeless masterpiece didn’t have the most views from all the songs/covers named Don’t let me down. With 174 million views, it was on second place behind musicians called Chainsmokers whose song (with the same name) had 1.1 billion views.

No offense to Chainsmokers by any means, I’m not familiar with their music at all, maybe they’re next Beatles, who knows, but I just cannot imagine their song being more popular than magnificent and one and only, The Beatles’. And that pulls a whole other question: What are people listening nowadays? Will this band (Is this a band?) become more listened than John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr? And if so, if young people miss to listen all the evergreens,  The Beatles, The Doors, Queen, and many others, what heritage will there be left?


don't let me down

While modern day music also has its glorious moments (Hello, Adele!), it seems to me that less and less musicians are paying attention anymore to music itself and emotions that are attached to it. Now it’s all about being one-hit/noise compilation featuring some sexy/unknown wannabe musician. And it’s not that I’m talking crazy, I feel nostalgia in others too, in my friends, or when I read random comment on the Internet.

And still in shock, I hope I’ve clicked on video that isn’t original or something, because my heart and ears can’t believe in such difference between times played. And with this thought, I’m leaving you with something to think about. Am I wrong and démodé? Or am I right on this one, and older music had much more heart and soul in its notes?

P.S. If you wondered, I haven’t clicked to listen the Chainsmokers song. I just don’t have a heart for that because I’m afraid I’ll get disappointed with computerized sound. One day, maybe, I’ll listen to it and be totally surprised. For now, between these two musicians, The Beatles are the one who don’t let me down. Like ever.


Until next time,