With end of November approaching, it’s time to look back on 2018 and pull some conclusions. If you’ve read my last year’s post Fall In Full Swing, you’ll know I don’t like to wait till the end of the year to review all things that happened. It’s too hectic and too jolly in December to do any kind of reflecting.

Let’s start by saying this year run by so fast, I feel like Easter (which was on April 1st) still hasn’t passed by. I don’t know is this because we’re living such fast paced, modern lives, or we are busier as we get older so days are passing by much faster. Either way, only one month to go till 2019 and it seems like “the clock” doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

Pinpoints of the year (I’d write highlights, but not everything that happened could be described as „high“):

-babies were born all over the place. I’ve become an auntie for the second time, godmother (godfather) for the first time and some of my friends had beautiful babies/got pregnant as well.


– I turned thirty this year. And concluded I’ve learned a lot (not really though), so earlier this month I’ve decided to share my wisdom.

-I traveled a bit, visited Barcelona and Budapest. Those two trips were week apart (which usually doesn’t happen to me), and that was too much excitement in such sort period of time. There is also Barcelona Mini Travel Guide on the blog, if you fancy reading.

2018 Recap

– Croatia’s football team won silver on World Cup in Russia and caused euphoria us Croats haven’t seen in decades. Month prior to that was the month of football, hanging out, drinking and barbecue. Men, women, children, elderly, teenagers and pets have watched matches.

croatia football

-I was diagnosed with some sort of unexpected disorder. It made me change my lifestyle a bit which was quite annoying.

– Still haven’t lost weight I planned to lose in 2018. That doesn’t seem to be on horizon in 2019 either.

the best ice cream

Many other beautiful and not-so-beautiful things happened. Some of them I’m not ready to share with the world yet, but I don’t want them to go unmentioned.  Excited times are coming, and if I’ve learned anything from this year is that your life can change in a second. And that can happen in a way you’ve never expected. One more thing I’ve learned is that having one baby is handful, but having two is just plain mad house. Love and mayhem are at the same level when you have kids apparently. (Shout out to my dearest sister and her husband Mr. Grinch!) Anyhow, looking forward to Advent and Christmas, and to rounding up this weird and fascinating 2018.


Until next time,