It’s middle of February, weather reports predict temperatures of minus 11°C (approx. 12°F) this week. And here I am, so done with winter, already waiting for warmer and sunnier days. So instead of my standard complaining, I decided to share some photos of summer in Croatia. Summer will arrive probably faster than we think, so we should cherish cold days because they are normal for this time of year. If you are planning your vacation, or you need something positive to look at, I hope these photos inspire you.

summer in croatia flowersCobbled street on island Cres (read about small towns on Cres here)

drying figsMy uncle’s system of naturally drying figs

delicious lambMy aunt system of preparing lamb

summer in croatia beachNatural shade of hidden beach

caprese salad recipeEating cold caprese salad on a hot day (recipe here)

summer in croatia swimEverybody is chillin’ in the sea

summer in croatia gardenGrandma Ruža’s (Rose) garden

summer in croatia boatBoats to take you on nearby island

summer in croatia island lifeMorning walks to Veli Losinj

summer in croatiaBeach Podrače, Brela

Are you already planning your summer vacation? What are your plans? Write to me in the comments below.

Until next time,