Notre Dame

Few days ago a piece of history went into history. The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris was in an enormous fire that caused one of the most iconic churches to burn in a way it will no longer be the same. As many Parisians, Catholics around the world, tourists, historians, admirers, and others I was too left in a complete state of shock with this news.

There are no words that can be said for the sorrow everybody is feeling right now. The shock comes to everyone, as this iconic monument will never be the building we admired. However, it is a great relief to know that this is a man-made building, it can and will be rebuilt, just as it was many years ago.

To find a silver lining in this horrible tragedy, something brought people closer in this Holy week. Not only Catholics, but people around the world. Isn’t that remarkable? Presidents had empathy for other countries. Different religion representatives are kind and full of understanding for other religions. People sing on the streets feeling the compassion toward others. And all that because a building burned. Imagine how better world would be if we acted like that more often, without any particular reason. With that thought, I’m leaving you to think and to pray to those who are hurting today. In any way or form.

Until next time,