pandemic 2020

After over a month under lockdown, and what have we learned so far? We already know the technical, medical, big picture stuff from official sources, but today I want to share what lessons I’ve learned in „everyday, at home life“ .

1. You can live with far less. Not talking about minimalism here, but just observe how much less you’ve spent on random items such as beauty/clothing. Some things that were given, like: „I’m gonna buy that floral new dress for Easter.“ just doesn’t seem necessary. Guess what? I opened my closet, found pretty outfit and still dressed up for Easter.  And that extra dress wasn’t necessary. (I also got my period and dressed cozy sweatpants about 20 minutes later, but that’s not the point.)

2. You can be much smarter cook in kitchen. Meal planning is creative. You cook with what you have and food turns much more delicious than one might expect! Because you don’t want to go to the store every day or for every ingredient, you get creative. And once a week food shopping trip is a lovely roller-coaster of emotions that you look forward to every week (fear and excitement combined).

3. You actually do have time to clean that drawer. Even if it’s Saturday night. With a glass of wine and good music playing in the background the task turns out out to be satisfying and fun.

4. It is much more difficult to make yourself workout at home. And that beginner’s workout you find on YouTube might as well be pro-Olympic prep training. Because, even if you make yourself physically active, you’ll be sore for the next three days. Spoken from experience. #pilatesforbeginners #jumprope

5. It’s not that much fun sleeping till noon. Even though it is dream many of us usually have, if you really sleep till 11-12AM you’ll lose half a day and be annoyed and mad for the rest of it. And it’s just not worth it. Mornings are morning and that is the time to get up. (And have that first cup of coffee also. The one that warms up your soul.)

6. It’s always smart to be prepared for an earthquake. Yup. That happened.

7. Brian May has a YouTube channel. I’ve sing along with him (in my head and out loud), learned to play chords (without guitar) of some of the world’s best songs and just enjoyed the content. It was a revelation, indeed.

So, on what interesting conclusions have you come up to? Was this world wide pandemic an absolute system breakdown for you or did you find yourself enjoying small things? (Like that drink on Tuesday afternoon?) Leave a comment below.

Until next time,