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 My name is Davorka and I’m the face and voice behind Fishing On Clouds. Fishing On Clouds is a blog started merely as an experiment to get to know myself better. Now, it’s a place where I share things I love, stuff that interests me and anything in between. While I find this world becomes more and more uninspiring, I keep Fishing On Clouds an old-school blog. Blogging as it used to be. Here you’ll find beauty reviews, recipes, random thoughts on certain topics, an occasional DIY, mini travel guides, and a music inspiration to keep you going.

As I was inspired by many other bloggers and writers, I hope my blog, Fishing On Clouds, inspires you. Or at least it’s an easy reading while you’re waiting for the bus.

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*disclaimer* All opinions on www.fishingonclouds.com are my own. Take with a grain of salt everything you read on this blog because not all our experiences are necessarily the same. If something works for me, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. All the photos on Fishing On Clouds are my own and taken by me, unless otherwise stated. If you like, feel free to use my photos, but make sure you link them directly back to my blog. If you are writing comments be kind and mindful toward others. As I already wrote, not all of us have same experiences (and/or goals, opinions, etc.)