winter 2020

*written in the December 2019

In December, any blog I read, any person on social media I follow, they all seem to be going somewhere during the holidays. To extravagant Christmas parties, to Swiss Alps for skiing, with unbelievable New Year’s Eve plans and all that in outfits and with makeup to die for.

While that is all good for them, my life isn’t obviously as spectacular as most of the “internet’s people” is. See, I don’t have any holiday plans. I don’t work for a large company, so I’m not invited to an annual Christmas party. I’m over 30 so I don’t have that crazy young single life anymore and New Year’s Eve events don’t last till 6 am anymore. (Man, sometimes I really miss those days. Usually, feeling of nostalgia kicks in around 30th, 31st of December and it lasts for a day or two.) And I don’t have money or friends who have money so that we all can go for a ski trip and be posh at 7000 ft.

So what to do with yourself, you may wonder? I always complain how there’s nothing special to do during holidays when everybody else is having time of their lives. And I complain and complain for no apparent reason because in the end, the New Year passes and I realize I too have had wonderful Christmas time (Have you sung just now?). Watching all the Christmas movies they show on TV (good ones and the bad ones), drinking a mulled wine (drinking normal wine straight outta bottle), visiting family and friends, eating cookies, cakes and everything else they serve in front of me, coming home to be eating leftovers and watching reruns of the movies mentioned in the beginning of this sentence. I relax and have fun just as most of the regular people do.

And I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a roof over my head. Food (and wine) in the fridge. I’m not sick and none of my family members is. I don’t have to be afraid if they’ll turn on sirens and we’ll have to run to the basement. So, instead of whining this year, I’m being thankful. For all the gifts I have and all the ones that go under the radar because I take them for granted.

I hope this puts a little perspective for all of you who don’t have any special plans. You are able to breathe and, hopefully, you are safe. Merry Christmas everybody.

Until next time,