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With every season palette of my preferred nail colors changes. As we’re entering warmer, sunnier days we are stepping away from dark gloomy nail colors and entering into more bright, clean-looking ones. I used to have over thirty nail polishes in every color you can imagine, but for the past few years I’m stepping away from neon green and yellow (it’s called: getting older/adulting), and leaning more into pastel pink or a bright red. Still I find I have too many colors I don’t need, but a girl needs to have her options opened.

Nail Colors For Spring

Here are my picks for spring:

  1. Pastel pinkEssence The Gel Nail Polish in color Be Awesome Tonight is one of the prettiest pinks you’ll ever see. They used to have color named Free Hugs and that was my favorite for a long time, but this one is almost identical. Perfect to pair with breezy floral dresses.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

  1. Pearly shine – Pearly shine is always classic, subtle, yet it has effect. I got Chanel Le Vernis in shade 453 Magnolia Rose as a gift that I never thought I’d purchase, but this color is so timeless that I’m definitively getting new one after I use up this one.

Chanel Le Vernis

  1. Natural beige – Beige nails is something I’ve never thought about until they arrived as a huge trend couple years back. Ever since then, I find beige nail colors so elegant and, for some reason, business appropriate. I’m using Dior one in color 413 Grège and I’m more than satisfied with it.

Dior nail polish

  1. Bright red – Also another gift, Essie nail lacquer in color 05 Fifth Avenue is a perfect to wear with everything. From formal events such as attending a wedding to jeans and striped T-shirt outfit you’re running your errands in, it’s such a stylish staple not only for spring but whole year round.

Essie nail lacquer

  1. Transparent top coat – Never thought I’d say this (I’m the girl that doesn’t really do base coat, top coat and similar when it comes to nails) but Eveline Cosmetics X-Treme Top Coat is a must have. To make your nails look gel like, shiny and helps your nail color underneath to last for up to a week! (even the colors that aren’t as good)

Eveline Cosmetics X-Treme Top Coat

I hope you enjoyed my nail colors for spring list. I also hope it inspires you to add new colors in your collection. Do you wear different nail colors in different seasons? What are your spring nail colors and favorite nail polishes? Write to me in the comments below!

P.S. as I wrote this post I realized that Chanel nail polish in 453 Magnolia Rose and Dior 413 Grège aren’t available anymore. There are many similar colors online though.

Until next time,