preparing for fall

We have stepped into October now. Today is the first colder and gloomy day. It feels right. There’s nothing better than listen to some relaxing songs and write this post while I’m drinking my first coffee of the day.

I always intend to „prepare“ for fall on time, but somehow I never do it. I have my spring decorations till Christmas and drag out my autumn clothes when it’s already so cold. I’m non-stylishly freezing till then. This year I said no to myself. I’m putting my colorful wooden tulips away and making space for cozier items in my home. Now, I’m not one to useless decor. (At least I’m not most of the time.) I don’t have candles lighten all the time (#firehazard) and I don’t have vases out that don’t serve any purpose. That’s just not my thing. (Again, most of the time.) But I am doing couple of things to prepare for a season transition.

Making my home cozy. Putting blanket on to a couch. This one is kind of necessity, makes much more comfortable reading a book or watching TV in the evening. Maybe making a fall wreath for my front door. Declutter all the crap unnecessary things from my balcony, including wilted plants.

Cleaning house. I cleaned the windows while it was still warm outside. Stored away summer nail polishes, and putting autumn nail colors instead. Stock up on tissues, runny nose season is upon us.

Organizing closet. Summer clothes out, autumn clothes in. Said goodbye to sandals and swimsuits. I am still in the process of it because where I live the weather doesn’t change over one night (even though it can) so it is a work in progress.

Pampering myself. I’ve already started with that. Since I got back from my endless summer vacation I continue to do body peelings, adding creams into my skincare routine (Next, hand cream!).  Also, I must buy a lip balm. My lips don’t like the cold. I always put my Clarins Lip Oil, but that is an extra step I take once a day. Lip balm is something that I keep on reapplying before I go outside.

Buying stockings. For two reasons. They are necessary where I live because of the cold that sneaks in plus they are very much in style this year. I tend to ruin my tights relatively fast (usually tore them with my fingernail whilst putting them on) so it is nice to have an extra pair, just in case.

All of this isn’t something to do at once. Either we won’t have the time or season won’t change over night. However, it’s nice to be prepared on time, or at least try to do so. Have you done something to prepare for this autumn? Please write in the comments below. Have a cozy and peaceful October.

Until next time,