Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

With spring just around the corner we’re already dreaming about lighter layers in our wardrobes. I usually do a clean-out of my closet in the beginning of each season, but this year I’m trying different technique. With last cold days I’m tossing everything I won’t be wearing anymore due to its’ raggedness (read: my beloved merino wool gloves with one too many holes and patches) and donating everything that doesn’t fit my style (or size) anymore. I’d usually wait till next winter to do so, hoping I’ll change my mind, but that clothes just ends up taking up space in my closet for another eight months. And somebody else might enjoy them in the meantime.

Wardrobe Spring Cleaning Closet

Things I’m tossing:

-Everything that is ripped and not repairable.

-Everything that is not suitable for donation. (old socks/shoes/underwear)

-Clothes that are worn out. (color faded, shirts with armpit stains)

Things I’m donating:

-Clothes that doesn’t fit me anymore. (the one that has shrunken, the one that is too small)

-Clothes that aren’t my style anymore. (that bodycon mini dress or something I’d wear if I was 10 years younger)

-Clothes that I don’t need at all. (ten T-shirts with „company logo”, seven wallets, nineteen sunglasses)

Wardrobe Spring Cleaning Jeans

After redistribution of wardrobe I strongly encourage making list of things what you need or like to have for upcoming season. Make sure that you divide it by priorities and/or function.







Wardrobe Spring Cleaning Close up

I also strongly recommend to watch Audrey’s 2018 Spring Capsule video to get a little bit of inspiration and „guide“ for your closet makeover. She is one of the most stylish ladies I follow and definitely most down to earth and relatable. Now, play some good music and head out to your wardrobe spring cleaning.

Until next time,